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DVCon 2009 – in Pictures!

In the world of social media, pictures are a must. So, I bought a Flip camera and played around with it at DVCon. You’ll see I’m not much of a video or image producer, but maybe you’ll get a kick out of my attempts. Mercifully, I’ll only show a few… Technorati Tags: EDA standards blog,The […]

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DVCon 2009 – in Tweets!

Twitter is a fascinating social media tool, and several of us used it during DVCon. Rather than a  traditional narrative about what I saw and did at the conference, I thought it would be interesting to capture my tweets that I posted throughout the conference. Let me know if you love or hate it. You […]

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What I'm going to see at DVCon, Feb 24-26 2009

DVCon, the Design and Verification Conference and Exhibition, will be held next week in San Jose CA at the Doubletree hotel. Now, more than ever, techniques and strategies for lower-cost, higher-quality-of-results IC development are imperative. In today’s <you-know-what> economy, the total cost of design has to be lowered, and that’s what many of the DVCon tutorials, sessions, […]

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What's in store for P1801 (Unified Power Format)?

In a few short weeks, the IEEE draft standard, formally known as P1801: Draft Standard for Design and Verification of Low Power Integrated Circuits, will complete its ballot cycle. Assuming the final steps go smoothly (and I have no reason to believe they won’t), our industry will have a new IEEE standard officially called 1801. […]

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The 5th Commandment for Effective Standards

It’s time for the next Commandment for Effective Standards. Number 5 is: Realize There Is No Neutral Party. For anyone involved in the standards game, this knowledge is crucial. Everyone participating in standards has a mission to accomplish, be it for business, law, safety, technology, or personal reasons. No one would spend a valuable minute […]

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