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You asked for it – VMM open source!

It is with pleasure and a measure of pride that I’m letting everyone know that  Synopsys’ VMM verification methodology is now available via open source under Apache 2.0. We have heard numerous requests for our VMM implementation to be made open source, and today we have done just that.  And more.  VMM is as open as it […]

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Breakfast at DAC: June 11, 2008 (register now!)

Sung very loosely to the tune of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”:  You say we’ve got no pdks in common, No common ground to start from, And we’re locked to one vendor. You’ll say the world has to change between us. Our pcells have come between us, But I know you just don’t know about IPL. And I […]

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The 3rd.1 Commandment for Effective Standards

As a mere mortal, I’ve decided that my 10 Commandments for Effective Standards can have “dot” commandments.  I’m introducing the 3rd.1 commandment: Know when to start.  I want to give credit to Gabe Moretti for the 3rd.1 commandment as he recently commented on my first 3 commandments in his blog.  My version of “Know when to […]

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Liberty says goodbye to Si2, hello to IEEE ISTO

Yesterday, Synopsys announced that the ever-popular Liberty format for library modeling has moved from the auspices of Si2 (Silicon Integration Initiative) to the IEEE’s ISTO (Industry Standards and Technology Organization).  In its new home, the Liberty Technical Advisory Board (LTAB) which oversees the format’s evolution will be able to include more members and ensure that Liberty can serve the needs of the IC design […]

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Promise kept – Synopsys donated VMM to Accellera

The Accellera VIP TSC (Verification IP Technical Subcommittee) is now up and running, with its charter to “define standard technology and/or methods to realize a modular, scalable and reusable generic verification environment”. The group is open to anyone who wishes to participate. Visit the VIP TSC website to sign up. In support of this important […]

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An intriguing business model

Over the years, I have gone through a lot of baggage.  (I’m talking about luggage, not the emotional kind.)  I have become a loyal customer of Briggs & Riley, and I won’t buy any other brand of travel bags.  Why?  Because of their guarantee.  Briggs & Riley will fix any bag they make for its […]

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The 3rd Commandment for Effective Standards

  It’s always exciting when a new standard activity launches.  There’s hope and expectations for a solution that will greatly help improve productivity for customers and suppliers alike.  I don’t have statistics on how many new standards are ultimately successful.  That would be some interesting data. I do know that not every standard that starts […]

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