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DASC reconstructed

Nine months ago, the IEEE Design Automation Standards Committee – DASC – seemed dysfunctional and on the brink of disaster. Accusations of foul play, domination and procedural violations were mounting. I’m pleased to report that the DASC has made great strides toward full recovery. Yesterday, I attended the meeting of the Standards Board of the […]

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Sour puss seat mate

I just returned from a business trip to New Jersey with two of my colleagues. Thanks to one of them, we were upgraded to first class. We were separated by a passenger sitting in the aisle seat. He refused to trade places so we could sit together. He brought his own food, didn’t say a […]

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20th EDA Interoperability Developers’ Forum

Everyone is invited to attend the 20th EDA Interoperability Developers’ Forum on October 25, 2007. This unique event has attracted EDA tool developers, end-users and standards creators for ten years. The 20th Forum will feature sessions on the Unified Power Format standard and the Interoperable Pcells Library initiative.  

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open – available to everyone to use and contribute to, without discrimination or legal encumbrances.

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Acronyms and definitions

Internet, texting and abbrevs. LMK – let me know IMHO – in my humble opinion IANAL – I am not a lawyer IANAD – I am not a doctor

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Skirmishes, Battles and All-Out-Wars

This category will provide updates on what’s happening in the business aspects of the standards arena.

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A not-so-brief bio

(Be my friend on Facebook…) Karen Bartleson – Director of Interoperability, Synopsys Karen Bartleson has 27 years of experience in the semiconductor industry. She joined Synopsys in 1995 as standards program manager and is currently director of interoperability and university programs. Her primary responsibilities include initiatives and programs that increase Synopsys’ customer satisfaction through electronic […]

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Silly things are everywhere

This category is for some of the silly things that happen in EDA standards.

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