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How automotive is changing IP standards

New applications such as automotive are requiring different standards in the IP deliverables. There’s an interesting sea of change happening here, if you go back to the origins, some of the key suppliers to automotive were the steel and rubber industries – because that’s what the car was made of – which basically supported the long, very long design cycles and very few options. To quote “You can have any option you want as long as it’s black.” What’s happening now, and a good example of this is companies like Audi working directly with the chip companies such as NVidia exemplified in this interesting piece

So the design cycles are much shorter and the supply chain has completely changed – in order to meet these cycles, IP vendors are being considered as part of this supply chain. In order the IP vendors to be successful they need adopt the design methodologies and design deliverables that are “automotive grade”.  In what used to be the realm of the automotive system OEM’s.  This means:

  1. Functional safety, Accelerate ISO 26262 functional safety assessments to help ensure designers reach target ASIL levels
  2. Reliability , Reduce risk & development time for AEC-Q100 qualification of SoCs
  3. Quality, Meet quality levels required for automotive applications

The ISO 26262 requirements add a large set of new deliverables such as: rules and processes for functional safety, FMDEA, quality management, configuration management. Etc. etc. For the FMDEA you need to have the following:  Support 3 levels of design granularity; Product Configuration Options, Safety Relevant; Detailed fault model and related failure mode at sub-part level; Safety Mechanism preventing the violation of the safety goals. The table below lists the new IP deliverable required to meet automotive grade standard for the reliability specification AEC Q100.

AEC-Q100 Test Requirements

From Synopsys’ IP standpoint we are now providing these new automotive grade IP deliverables.

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