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Bug Elimination: Code Scanning, Fuzzing, and Composition Analysis

When it comes to software vulnerabilities, Dr. Jared DeMott knows his stuff. Formerly a vulnerability analyst with the National Security Agency (NSA), Dr. DeMott holds his Phd. from Michigan State University. He has been on three winning DEF CON capture-the-flag (CTF) teams and talks about his vulnerability research at conferences like DerbyCon, BlackHat, ToorCon, GrrCon, […]

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Internet of Things (IoT): Rethinking the Threat Model

On February 4, 2017, a Saturday night, a high-school student in the U.K. realized he wasn’t going to university to study computer science so he wrote a short program in C, and within a few hours had 150,000 internet-connected printers across the world spitting out ASCII art and messages. All this was harmless although the […]

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Ticketbleed: The Next Black Swan

Last week a researcher disclosed a software vulnerability in a feature of the TLS/SSL stack that allowed a remote attacker to extract sensitive information. Sound familiar? In 2014, the Heartbleed vulnerability in the OpenSSL implementation of the heartbeat function in SSL affected some 600,000 websites worldwide and risked exposing passwords and other private keys. Ticketbleed, […]

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