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Howard Schmidt, the United States’ First Cybersecurity Czar, Has Died

Howard A. Schmidt, a friend to many in the security community, has died. A statement on his Facebook page says that he died today “in the presence of his wife and four sons … following a long battle with cancer.” Schmidt served as the White House Cybersecurity Advisor to Presidents Barack Obama and George W. […]

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Responsible Disclosure on a Timetable

In response to its haphazard patch release cycle in the late 1990s, Microsoft launched an every second-Tuesday-of-the-month “Patch Tuesday” program in 2004. Last week, on February 14 to be exact, Microsoft abruptly canceled its current monthly set of patches and said that its slate of new patches would return on March 14. The problem is […]

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With Comparisons to Heartbleed, Cloudbleed May Affect Millions

A researcher from Google disclosed on Thursday that private messages, API keys, and other sensitive data were being leaked by a major content delivery network to random requesters, a leakage that could affect up to 5.5 million websites. Like Heartbleed, which was co-discovered by the Synopsys team in Oulu, Finland, and Google in April 2014, […]

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Ticketbleed: The Next Black Swan

Last week a researcher disclosed a software vulnerability in a feature of the TLS/SSL stack that allowed a remote attacker to extract sensitive information. Sound familiar? In 2014, the Heartbleed vulnerability in the OpenSSL implementation of the heartbeat function in SSL affected some 600,000 websites worldwide and risked exposing passwords and other private keys. Ticketbleed, […]

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