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The Revolution in Space-Based Optics

In prior posts, we described several space missions and instruments in which Synopsys software and our consulting engineering services team were involved. This final installment describes the technology revolution that is enabling smaller, lighter, and higher-performing space-based optical systems.

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Thomas I. Harris, 1930 – 2021: Founder of Optical Research Associates and Co-Inventor of CODE V

In memoriam of Mr. Thomas I. Harris, 1930 – 2021, Founder of Optical Research Associates and co-inventor of CODE V.

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OptoCompiler Accelerates Photonic IC Product Development

In September 2020, Synopsys launched the OptoCompiler platform for photonic integrated circuit (PIC) design. OptoCompiler is the industry’s first unified electronic and photonic design platform that combines mature and dedicated photonic technology with Synopsys’ industry-proven electronic design tools to enable engineers to produce and verify complex PIC designs quickly and accurately. Learn more about OptoCompiler, its features, and how it is transforming PIC design.

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