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What’s New in LightTools 2023.03: Smarter, Faster, More Efficient Illumination Design

LightTools version 2023.03 helps you achieve high-performance illumination designs with smart features for geometry import and creation, improved 3D viewing for fast explorations of model details, and many other usability updates to facilitate more efficient design workflows.

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New Release of CODE V Improves Optical Design Workflows and Efficiency

The new capabilities in CODE V version 2023.03 improve design workflows, from surface input to design export. The release includes the SagFit utility, which converts and fits surfaces more quickly and intuitively than ever before. It provides better optimization assistance and increases modeling design speed. It also includes enhanced interoperability with LightTools to easily simulate optical systems that contain imaging and non-imaging components.

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How Synopsys Is Supporting Improved Workflows for Automotive Lighting Designers

As a partner with Dassault Systèmes, Synopsys is continually enhancing its LucidShape CAA V5 Based product to facilitate the development of safer, smarter vehicles within the CATIA V5 environment. CATIA V5 users can rely on LucidShape CAA to reduce automotive lighting design time, efficiently explore creative styling options, and deliver timely, accurate results to manufacturing teams.

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Software Interoperability Bridges Complementary Capabilities for Cutting-Edge Optical Design

Learn how the new optical system file (.osf) format now enables a seamless transition for a CODE V model be opened in LightTools. Streamline product development time with the new and improved interoperability features between CODE V and LightTools, enabling you to easily simulate optical systems that contain imaging and non-imaging components.

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Designing an Optical System? The Synopsys SmartStart Library Can Help

Are you designing an optical system with more than just a source and detector? If you answered yes, then chances are you could use the data in the Synopsys SmartStart Library.

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Latest Synopsys LightTools SOLIDWORKS Link Module Adds Even More Flexibility

The SOLIDWORKS Link Module available in the latest version of LightTools provides enhanced capabilities that speed up the design process. To facilitate a quicker path to optical simulations and grant design teams the ability to set more optical characteristics in the SOLIDWORKS environment, this version features optical property identifiers, ray data source linking, and SOLIDWORKS configuration selection.

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New Release of LucidShape Helps Automotive Lighting Designers Work Smarter and Faster

LucidShape Version 2022.03 Introduces Advanced Analysis and MacroFocal Enhancements to Simplify Product Development Workflows

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LightTools Features Drive Efficient Illumination Optics Design

LightTools celebrates its 27th anniversary on January 26, 2022. Since its initial launch, we have continually enhanced its capabilities, providing features and workflows that help designers bring illumination optics to market faster and more efficiently. In this blog article, we’ll highlight a few recent LightTools enhancements that meet the evolving requirements of illumination system design.

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Structural, Thermal and Optical Performance (STOP) Analysis in CODE V

For a complex optical system such as the James Webb Space Telescope, structural and thermal analyses are key to modeling the effects of mechanical, gravitational, and thermal influences on the optical system. This helps ensure the system can perform as expected after being subjected to the rigors of space launch and flight. Efficient modeling makes it easier to understand the impact of external influences on optical system performance and will save you time and money when bringing your optical designs to life.  Learn how Synopsys CODE V optical design software offers effective Structural, Thermal and Optical Performance (STOP) analysis, which is supported by Sigmadyne SigFit Mechanical and Optical Analysis Software.

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Synopsys Expands LucidDrive Features for Pixel Light Headlamp Simulations

The Synopsys LucidDrive tool – part of the LucidShape product family — allows engineers to test automotive headlight models prior to manufacturing with virtual night-driving simulations. The latest LucidDrive release, version 2021.12, offers enhanced features to dynamically validate and refine pixel light headlamp models.

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