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What’s New in LightTools 2023.03: Smarter, Faster, More Efficient Illumination Design

LightTools version 2023.03 helps you achieve high-performance illumination designs with smart features for geometry import and creation, improved 3D viewing for fast explorations of model details, and many other usability updates to facilitate more efficient design workflows.

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Trends in Imaging Design: Using Image Simulation to Design Cameras

Learn how digital twins, through image simulation, can enable better, more streamlined specifications and virtual testing of imaging systems.

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Synopsys Optical Solutions User Conference

We’re excited to announce our first annual Synopsys Optical Solutions User Conference on September 28, 2022 in SunnyvaleSunnyvale, California. You are invited to join us in person to learn about our latest innovations to help you design any optical product – from macro- to nano-scale optics — faster and more efficiently.

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Software Interoperability Bridges Complementary Capabilities for Cutting-Edge Optical Design

Learn how the new optical system file (.osf) format now enables a seamless transition for a CODE V model be opened in LightTools. Streamline product development time with the new and improved interoperability features between CODE V and LightTools, enabling you to easily simulate optical systems that contain imaging and non-imaging components.

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Designing an Optical System? The Synopsys SmartStart Library Can Help

Are you designing an optical system with more than just a source and detector? If you answered yes, then chances are you could use the data in the Synopsys SmartStart Library.

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Latest Synopsys LightTools SOLIDWORKS Link Module Adds Even More Flexibility

The SOLIDWORKS Link Module available in the latest version of LightTools provides enhanced capabilities that speed up the design process. To facilitate a quicker path to optical simulations and grant design teams the ability to set more optical characteristics in the SOLIDWORKS environment, this version features optical property identifiers, ray data source linking, and SOLIDWORKS configuration selection.

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Measuring Retroreflection on Any Material with the Mini-Diff V2

Due to various industry standards, such as those for highway safety or automotive LiDAR applications, it can be important for designers to evaluate the retroreflectivity of materials in their optical systems by including light measurements of these materials in design simulations.

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How to Reduce Stray Light in Your Optical Design Project with Scattering Measurements

As technology evolves, optics also evolve to meet the demanding needs of product development. Optical design simulations must be as accurate as possible, which in turn requires accurate characterization of materials such as plastics, diffusers, displays, and other surfaces used in optical systems. One of the most important tasks for an optical design team is to understand and reduce the impact of stray light on design performance. What is an effective way to do this? This is where light scattering measurements can be very effective.

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LightTools Features Drive Efficient Illumination Optics Design

LightTools celebrates its 27th anniversary on January 26, 2022. Since its initial launch, we have continually enhanced its capabilities, providing features and workflows that help designers bring illumination optics to market faster and more efficiently. In this blog article, we’ll highlight a few recent LightTools enhancements that meet the evolving requirements of illumination system design.

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Using LightTools for the 2021 International Optical Design Conference Illumination Design Problem

How can you split someone up and put them back together? This was the illumination design problem posed at the 2021 International Optical Design Conference (IODC), hosted by the Optical Society of America, now Optica. A member of our Optical Solutions team, Dr. Jake Jacobsen, used LightTools illumination design software to solve the 2021 illumination problem. Read how he produced the winning solution.

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