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Taking the Guesswork Out of Optical Properties Characterization: Accurate Scattering Measurements That Optical Engineers Need

Synopsys now offers solutions for measuring the light scattering properties of materials and surfaces. You can measure how light interacts with a given surface or how light behaves in the volume of a solid. You can then simulate the results in LightTools illumination design software.

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Build Your Skills Online – Learn Something New in One Hour While Watching CODE V, LightTools, LucidShape Tech Talks

There’s no doubt that this has been an unusual and challenging year. Trade shows, conferences, and events were postponed or converted to an online format, we learned to use new video conferencing platforms, and telecommuting became the norm for every day. What has not changed is that we have continued to be there for our customers and provide ready access to resources and training. Learn about our upcoming tech talks and available resources.

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Announcing New Release of LightTools for Illumination Optics Design

Read about the latest version of LightTools, which brings faster optomechanical modeling with SOLIDWORKS, enhanced LiDAR design features, and increased ray tracing speed with distributed simulation support.

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How to Accelerate Biomedical Optics Design for Light-Based Technologies

Learn how LightTools can be used with Synopsys Simpleware software to provide simulation data to develop a new generation of light-based technologies, including advanced biomedical diagnostics and treatments.

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SPIE Optics + Photonics Digital Forum

Who’d have thought you could attend a conference and stay home at the same time? Because of the current world health situation, many conferences are now online, including the SPIE Optics + Photonics conference. In just a few weeks, SPIE will host this annual event as a free digital forum.

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Success Story: Designing the World’s First Fully Digital 3D Digital Surgical Microscope with LightTools

When ARRI Medical wanted to make the ARRISCOPE, the world’s first, high-definition, fully digital 3D surgical microscope, they turned to Julius Muschaweck from JMO GmbH; Gauting for the illumination system design. Read this success story on how Muschaweck used LightTools to get the job done on schedule.

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Short on Time? Learn New Optical Design Features, Fast!

Introducing our new Synopsys Optical and Photonic Solutions YouTube channel, featuring brief video tutorials and informative overviews of Synopsys design tools. If you’re short on time, but need to learn new features fast, bookmark this channel for the latest about our optical design software.

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June Tech Talks Cover CODE V Diffraction Analysis, Macros and Optimization in LightTools

Join us for this month’s CODE V and LightTools Tech Talks. Read the round-up in this blog entry.

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Modeling Specialized Optical Properties Using LightTools UDOPs

In LightTools, a “User Defined Optical Property” (UDOP) can be created to model specialized optical surface properties that are not included in the standard selection of optical properties. The optical properties defined by a UDOP can be used to model actual physical effects such as birefringence, diffraction gratings, scattering, polarization, and patterned surfaces. A UDOP can also be used to effect non-physical functions such as beam replication, displacement and re-aiming, or the definition of customized receiver elements. Read our latest white paper discussing UDOPs.

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Synopsys Optical and Photonics Solutions – Robert S. Hilbert Memorial Optical Design Competition

The Synopsys Optical Solutions Group invites you to participate in its Robert S. Hilbert Memorial Optical Design Competition, which recognizes excellence in optical design projects completed by students. You’ll have a chance to win a portion of a $10,000 prize. Entries are due on June 15, 2020.

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