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An Inside Look at NASA’s Surveyor, SOFIA, Cassini, and WISE Projects

Our engineering services team has contributed to many NASA projects, including the Mastcam-Z zoom camera on the latest Mars rover. Find out what other space projects our engineering team has been involved with.

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Synopsys Delivers Optical Design IP Protection in Latest CODE V Release

CODE V Version 11.5, now available, introduces the CODE V Hidden Lens Module, which makes it easy to collaborate with customers, subcontractors, and suppliers while protecting the valuable intellectual property (IP) behind the lens design. The release also expands CODE V’s built-in intelligence with new lens optimization capabilities, enhanced AI-optimized glass selection, and fast evaluations of freeform surface performance.

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Announcing New Release of LucidShape for Automotive Lighting Design

We are pleased to announce version 2020.12 of Synopsys’ LucidShape automotive lighting design software. In response to a growing demand for reliable surface quality and medium information, this release of LucidShape includes the SmartStart Material Library Module. The module provides ready-to-use optical properties as well as updates and extensions to material and medium definitions. LucidShape v2020.12 also includes enhancements to freeform lens design, human eye vision analysis, and headlight analysis based on Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) guidelines.

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