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Tips for Entering the IODC Lens Design or Illumination Design Competitions

The submissions for the lens design or illumination design competitions for this year’s International Optical Design Conference (IODC) are due in less than a month. Here are some tips from a previous winner.

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Modeling Specialized Optical Properties Using LightTools UDOPs

In LightTools, a “User Defined Optical Property” (UDOP) can be created to model specialized optical surface properties that are not included in the standard selection of optical properties. The optical properties defined by a UDOP can be used to model actual physical effects such as birefringence, diffraction gratings, scattering, polarization, and patterned surfaces. A UDOP can also be used to effect non-physical functions such as beam replication, displacement and re-aiming, or the definition of customized receiver elements. Read our latest white paper discussing UDOPs.

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