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How to Reduce Stray Light in Your Optical Design Project with Scattering Measurements

As technology evolves, optics also evolve to meet the demanding needs of product development. Optical design simulations must be as accurate as possible, which in turn requires accurate characterization of materials such as plastics, diffusers, displays, and other surfaces used in optical systems. One of the most important tasks for an optical design team is to understand and reduce the impact of stray light on design performance. What is an effective way to do this? This is where light scattering measurements can be very effective.

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LightTools Features Drive Efficient Illumination Optics Design

LightTools celebrates its 27th anniversary on January 26, 2022. Since its initial launch, we have continually enhanced its capabilities, providing features and workflows that help designers bring illumination optics to market faster and more efficiently. In this blog article, we’ll highlight a few recent LightTools enhancements that meet the evolving requirements of illumination system design.

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Structural, Thermal and Optical Performance (STOP) Analysis in CODE V

For a complex optical system such as the James Webb Space Telescope, structural and thermal analyses are key to modeling the effects of mechanical, gravitational, and thermal influences on the optical system. This helps ensure the system can perform as expected after being subjected to the rigors of space launch and flight. Efficient modeling for understanding the impact of these external influences on optical system performance will save time and money in bringing your optical designs to life.  Learn how Synopsys CODE V optical design software offers effective Structural, Thermal and Optical Performance (STOP) analysis, which is supported by Sigmadyne SigFit Mechanical and Optical Analysis Software.

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