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How Horticultural Crops Benefit from Diffuse Light and the Mini-Diff V2 Instrument

Do you have a diffused glass and coating on your horticultural lighting application? Synopsys provides an easy solution to measure glass and coating performance and optical properties.

Due to the NEN2675:2018 +C1 standard, the horticulture industry must find and adapt techniques and solutions to address the new developments in this field.

Synopsys now offers solutions for measuring the light scattering properties of materials and surfaces. You can measure how light interacts with a given surface or how light behaves in the volume of a solid. Those results can then be imported in simulation software such as LightTools

for ray tracing and virtual prototyping of your designs. Measuring diffuse light with the Mini-Diff V2 instrument may be just the solution.

Mini-Diff V2 Scattering Measurement Tool

What is the Mini-Diff V2?

Mini-Diff V2 is a portable scattering instrument in the Synopsys portfolio of hardware equipment. It is designed to measure light scattering in reflection and transmission for any material. In accordance with NEN2675, at specific incident light angles (0°, 20°, 40°, 60°), the Mini-Diff V2 allows you to have hortiscatter value for your different type of diffused glass and coatings.

If you do not frequently need an instrument for scattering measurements, Synopsys also offers on-demand scattering measurements in its light- and temperature-controlled laboratory to provide the most accurate measurement environment for any sample.

How do you measure light for horticulture applications with the Mini-Diff V2?

The Mini-Diff V2 instrument is very easy to use. In a few seconds, you get bidirectional scattering distribution function (BSDF) values as well as reflectance/transmittance ratios for the different wavelengths provided (red, green and blue), both in reflection and transmission.

The Mini-Diff V2 also includes software that enables you to view your measurements, parameters, and additional information for your sample. You can also export measurements to other simulation software.

Mini-Diff V2 Measurement
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