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Build Your Skills Online – Learn Something New in One Hour While Watching CODE V, LightTools, LucidShape Tech Talks

There’s no doubt that this has been an unusual and challenging year. Trade shows, conferences, and events were postponed or converted to an online format, we learned to use new video conferencing platforms, and telecommuting became the norm for every day. What has not changed is that we have continued to be there for our customers and provide ready access to resources and training.

We just announced our upcoming tech talks for January through March, now covering European time zones. Upcoming topics include:

  • Introduction to Thermal Analysis in CODE V
  • Ray Deviation Correction for Cover Lenses in LucidShape
  • LightTools 9.1 New Features
  • And more

Looking back at this year, we offered over 30 online tech talks for all our products. They are now available on-demand on our Customer Support Portal. Check out a few of the topics to pick up some useful techniques and learn about the most powerful features for your workflow:

  • Data Exchange with CAD Programs in LightTools
  • Extracting More Information from Your Simulation Using Ray Paths in LightTools
  • Increasing Ray Trace Efficiency with Backward and Hybrid Simulations in LightTools
  • LightTools Macro Series
  • Metalens Design and Simulation with RSoft Photonic Device Tools and CODE V
  • Pixel Light Design with LucidShape and CODE V
  • CODE V Diffraction Analysis Series
  • Working with Beam Synthesis Propagation (BSP) in CODE V
  • “Hello CODE V!” Introduction to Macro PLUS Programming
  • Simulation of OLEDs
  • Fundamentals of LucidShape Surface Materials and BSDF

For our Photonic Solutions customers, check out the on-demand recordings on our Customer Support Portal. Topics include:

  • Photonic Chip Design Made Easy with AutoRouting
  • Designing AR/VR Systems Using Multi-Domain Optical Simulations
  • Polarization in Photonics: From Data and Telecom to Sensing and Beyond

You can also check out our YouTube channel for more videos.

For information about technical support during the holidays, visit our product enews. Current customers can browse our enews collections for past enews about the latest releases, additional resources, and tips.

We’re here to help and support you. We’re looking forward to the new year and will continue to provide quality resources for our customers. We’re also reachable on social media. As the year comes to a close, all of us at Synopsys wish you a joyous holiday season and healthy new year. See you in 2021!

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