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Short on Time? Learn New Optical Design Features, Fast!

Optical engineers face a daily balancing act. They are often working in design software part time, and then spending time to manage other important aspects of their projects, such as mechanical and systems interfacing, vendor and procurement discussions, hardware assembly, prototyping, and documentation work. Because of this, it is not always easy for engineers to keep optical software capabilities top of mind!

To help our users with this, we recently introduced a new YouTube channel (Synopsys Optical and Photonic Solutions) featuring brief video tutorials and informative overviews of Synopsys design tools. The channel augments the extensive resources on our Customer Support Portal by providing an easy, efficient way to sharpen your skills and keep up with new and existing tools in our software.

Are you working on freeform surface design? We have video introductions to new surfaces in CODE V and using freeforms in LightTools.

Are you interested in how to import CAD surfaces for sequential ray tracing? Or, are you back working on a new imaging design after some time away? You may want to check out our tips on visualization and ray traceable CAD, as well as the expert features in CODE V.

Our new channel consolidates all of our playlist offerings into an accessible form. It serves as a repository of concise information on the power of Synopsys Optical and Photonic software tools. No matter your area of specialization, this channel can help keep your knowledge sharp. Subscribe and keep up with the latest design optimization and analysis tools so you are as effective and efficient as possible in your work.

Visit our channel: Synopsys Optical and Photonic Solutions

Synopsys Optical and Photonic Solutions You Tube Channel
Synopsys Optical and Photonic Solutions You Tube Channel