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LightTools Stray Light Analysis Saves Designers Time and Money

LightTools version 9.0, now available, introduces valuable new tools to help optical engineers and stray light analysts pinpoint and correct stray light issues early in the product design process, saving time and money.

The new aim area feature for measured BSDF surfaces is one way LightTools can help accelerate the design process. BSDF data is often used to provide high-accuracy simulations of scattering surface characteristics. Designers can use aim areas to examine selected parts of a BSDF surface’s scatter distribution, which can be very useful for conducting targeted stray light analyses needed for precision applications like AR/VR/MR devices, compact cameras, and heads-up displays.

In addition, LightTools now traces up to one trillion rays, which gives designers tremendous flexibility and power to get accurate results for stray light analysis and luminance calculations throughout product development.

Our team of experts has developed a range of resources to help you learn more about LightTools stray light analysis capabilities, such as the thorough documentation and online help that comes with the software. We have also developed stray light analysis videos, presentations, and training materials that you will find useful.

LightTools has comprehensive features to help designers pinpoint
and correct stray light issues during product design.

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