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A MIPI® Alliance celebration

As you may know the MIPI® Alliance March 2011 meeting was held in Osaka Japan with record number of 212 registrations (and almost 100% attendance) which is an increase of more that 26% from previous meeting.

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Next-generation mobile protocols foundation

The M-PHY is the second generation physical layer protocol from the MIPI® Alliance (www.mipi.org) and serves as the foundation of many chip-to-chip protocols such as DigRFv4, CSI-3, DSI-2, LLI and UFS targeted to be used in mobile electronics. The current MIPI alliance physical layer (PHY) used in Camera and Display serial interfaces (CSI2 and DSI) is the D-PHY. The D-PHY is a source-synchronous high speed serial PHY allowing up to 4Gbps in aggregate data. The D-PHY is a good fit for low power high speed camera and display interfaces however it has limited total bandwidth and cannot meet all requirements expected in future mobile electronics chip-to-chip connectivity. The second-generation PHY for future mobile electronics connectivity is the M-PHY which was defined by the MIPI alliance PHY Working Group (http://mipi.org/working-groups/phy) to enable scalable, low power, low EMI emission, high speed interface for chip-to-chip connectivity. Here are some of the differences between D-PHY and M-PHY courtesy of the MIPI Alliance:

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Cameras, cameras everywhere

Cameras are around us, everywhere we go we see cameras. More often than not, we don’t see cameras but cameras powered by image sensors enable others to see us and take our picture. When cameras first came out, they were stand-alone analog devices that required film that had to be developed for you to enjoy the picture you took. The pictures were taken mostly for personal purposes and enjoyment. Today, with the advancement of digital technology and image sensors capabilities, you have many image sensors embedded in many devices and used not only for traditional camera usage of leisure and personal enjoyment.

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