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Versatile Physical Layer servicing Camera and Display Interfaces

In the last post I asked what is MIPI Alliance’s most popular specification in terms of adoption as of today.

The best resource I consider to answer this question is the latest MIPI Ecosystem Survey conducted by IPNest in 2015. The methodology behind this survey was to check with all 263 members of the MIPI Alliance (as of February 2015) and show the adoption of each specification. Note that currently MIPI interfaces primarily focus on mobile and that’s what this information represent however we are experiencing MIPI specifications moving beyond the traditional mobile electronics market.

So here are the results (source Eric Esteve, IP Nest blog):
MIPI Interfaces in Mobile

We can clearly see MIPI D-PHY as the leading specification with Camera (CSI-2) and Display (DSI) are very close. This is not surprising that we see the camera and display protocols ahead and supported by D-PHY as the dominant specification. Mobile electronics use a variety of image sensors and displays to service different consumer tastes so using these interfaces as the de-facto standards is expected. It is reasonable to expect to have these popular interfaces become even more popular in the future with more members joining the MIPI alliance from non-mobile market segments. The question is would we see different behavior and tastes or would we continue to see the leadership in D-PHY, CSI-2 and DSI continue in other markets?

I’ll be at the MIPI alliance event in the week of March 7th and will be happy to discuss with you then.

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