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UFS in Volume Production

JEDEC UFS is an Accredited Standard, developed and adopted through an open consensus process, under the guidelines of JEDEC.
The power of having a standard is that the industry has recognized a useful way to implement things both technically and economically, and through the procedure governed by the standard body (JEDEC for example) enable vendors to develop standard-compliant products and encourage a robust, interoperable eco-system. Standards reduce time to market benefiting the industry and end consumers as technical needs are met and cost goes down with increased maturity.

UFS is gaining momentum with more Storage devices (SK-Hynix, Samsung, and more) and Application Processors (Qualcomm, and more) being rolled out with UFS support. We can find UFS adopted in Mobile Electronic devices which reflects value to the end user through improved customer experience better storage performance, reduced total system power, reduce total system cost. As more vendors develop and rollout UFS products the industry has a variety of processors and devices to select with differentiating features, higher overall volumes and cost reduction. Read the Success Story about Synopsys IP used in SK-Hynix UFS v2.0 device available in Production as an evidence to market adoption trend. skhynix_mobilestorage_ss

Here’s a video from Samsung explaining the differences between the most common standards used today in mobile storage interfaces:

The clear advantages and growing market adoption of UFS translate to a steady transition of electronics using existing mobile storage standard (eMMC) to the newer more efficient UFS. As usually with standards, transition does not happen overnight. eMMC is well entrenched and it’s sometimes easier for developers to upgrade to higher eMMC speed.
As always, there will be custom solutions out there, for various reasons including value chain optimization, but this is not the norm (this is not standard right?).
The road is clear for UFS to take the lead in servicing the mobile storage market, starting in the high end smartphones and getting into mainstream electronics in the near future.

If you want to see more evidence of eco-system maturity, Synopsys had several demo’s in the last few years to show a complete UFS solution and drive market adoption, here’s a video with hardware demonstrating a complete UFS solution:

Want to learn more about the differences between standards and specifications?
Here’s a link to a good resource explaining the differences. Custom solutions are not covered or discussed, these are not standards.

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