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UFS and CSI-2 Accelerated Design

With the rumors about UFS going mainstream with first introduction in Samsung Galaxy S6 phone expected next year (2015), I wanted to raise what I see as a repeat concern when discussing adoption of new standard (such as UFS).
A key challenge in today’s mobile IC and electronics design is the ability to meet time to market window, get your system up and running with new standards and interoperate with other devices. This is particularly true for JEDEC UFS v2.0 which is fairly new standard that the indusrty is gearing up to mass production of the first UFS devices and Application Processors targeted to be available in the hands of customers in 2015.

Availability of a mature, low risk IP from a reputable company is critical to achieve these goals. I met with too many customers that chose an IP that is claimed to be available or lower-cost to realize at the end that they have no product to go to market with. A big part of the IP selection critera is having a prototyping system that puts hardware and software together and provides a complete system.

You can see our UFS complete solution demonstration here:

JEDEC UFS and MIPI CSI-2 are very good examples to such a system that provides a complete vertical solution to customers developing Mobile ICs. Having MIPI CSI2 and UFS IP prototyping kits enable customers to have an immediate access to proven solution that can easily connect to other external devices and serve as out-of-the-box reference design.

Here’s a video showing USB3.0 IP Prototyping kit, so that you get the idea:

With availability of a variety of proven protcols (USB 3.0, SSIC, PCI Express 2.0, PCI Express 3.0, DDR3, LPDDR3, LPDDR2, MIPI CSI-2, HDMI 2.0, and JEDEC UFS) I see many benefits to the industry by allowing vendors to explore new concepts before their IC design starts, enabling rapid connectivity and starting the hardware design at a later stage. IP Prototyping kits can also help in interoperability tests, in software development while the hardware is being worked on (designed, fabricated, characterized) so more things can be done in parallel and achive the increasing time to market pressures.

Come and get you IP Prototyping kit, read more here.

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