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Demand your M-PHY

MIPI Alliance’s M-PHY specification v3.0 provides a solid specification targeted to a variety of applications in the mobile electronics space. I hear some concerns about that this technology is new and engineers prefer to wait for the adoption to pick up before they use it.

Well, it is true that MPHY v3.0 specification is about 1 year old, however note that the M-PHY v1.0 specification was introduced about 3 years ago and was first adopted in DigRFv4 applications. There are several IC’s using M-PHY in production, here’s an example of a Fujitsu Baseband processor. The foundation of the circuitry for higher gears and features introduced in MPHY v3.0 were already established and used several years ago. Furthermore, MPHY v3.0 spec is used by several protocols including those defined by the MIPI alliance work groups (such as UniPro, CSI-3, LLI, DSI-2) and those adopted by other standard bodies which selected the MIPI M-PHY as the physical layer for these applications.
The standard bodies that adopted M-PHY are an industry recognized and established organizations such as USB-IF (promoting USB3.0 SSIC over M-PHY), PCI-SIG (promoting MPCIe over M-PHY) and last but not least JEDEC (promotion UFS over M-PHY).

I sometime get asked about my prediction about M-PHY adoption.
I recently read an interesting article about time travelers. It would have been nice to be able to time travel and accurately predict technology trends (not to say buy a winning lottery ticket), however since I don’t have that talent (yet) I have to rely on my knowledge and thoughts.
I don’t have a crystal ball. However, I am certain that M-PHY v3.0 presents an inflection point in the mobile market which strives for low power, scalable physical layer to build highly optimized architectures in the mobile electronics market.

There is a lot to do in order to build M-PHY as a winner. At this time we have to rely on our judgment and what we know as facts. You can educate yourself more about the M-PHY technology by reading the technical whitepaper recently published. It is a very good read and covers the major topics M-PHY technology is trying to solve.
You can also access the On-Demand recorded webinar at Reducing Power Consumption in Mobile Applications with High-Speed Gear3 MIPI M-PHY IP.

Last, I would love to meet with you and discuss further. I plan to be in Mobile World Congress 2014 in February, feel free to send me an email or leave me a message/comment below and we can arrange something.

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