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UFS and CSI-2 Accelerated Design

With the rumors about UFS going mainstream with first introduction in Samsung Galaxy S6 phone expected next year (2015), I wanted to raise what I see as a repeat concern when discussing adoption of new standard (such as UFS). A key challenge in today’s mobile IC and electronics design is the ability to meet time to market window, get your system up and running with new standards and interoperate with other devices. This is particularly true for JEDEC UFS v2.0 which is fairly new standard that the indusrty is gearing up to mass production of the first UFS devices and Application Processors targeted to be available in the hands of customers in 2015.

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Demand your M-PHY

MIPI Alliance’s M-PHY specification v3.0 provides a solid specification targeted to a variety of applications in the mobile electronics space. I hear some concerns about that this technology is new and engineers prefer to wait for the adoption to pick up before they use it.

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