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Demonstrating M-PHY v3.0 Silicon

MIPI M-PHY is a promising technology, intended to be used across multiple applications and utilized by standard organizations such as JEDEC for UFS, USB for SSIC, and PCI-SIG for Mobile PCIe. We have been working in the past several months to develop and prove M-PHY in HS-Gear3 operation as the specification evolves in the MIPI PHY Work group. Our deep involvement in the group allowed us to develop the M-PHY which is fully compliant to the latest M-PHY v3.0 specification. In March 2013 during the MIPI Face-to-face meeting we demonstrated M-PHY operation in HS-Gear3 and showed it to everyone on the floor. I received a lot of requests to share the video of this demo and now it is ready.

Here are some measurements taken live using the Tektronix equipment connected to the Synopsys M-PHY.

And here you can see the video and the measurements taken at the Transmitter and using loopback mode.

We will be at the next MIPI F2F meeting in Warsaw if you have further questions for me or the MIPI team.

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