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Meeting power, performance and reusability requirements for mobile systems

Discussing and sharing opinions is what drives our industry forward; however sharing ideas becomes more challenging in our time where competition is intense. This is true for any industry but even more relevant to the high-pace mobile market where wrong move can cost you a fortune. It is that important then to stay connected and aligned with market trends so you’re not caught off guard and mitigate design and market risks while enabling to take a leadership position.

I’ll be at the Linley Mobile conference which starts tomorrow (April 17 2013) and will be speaking on Thursday April 18th, during the Power-Optimized Design session which starts at 2:35pm, about meeting power, performance and reusability requirements for mobile systems. I will specifically address the growing needs in high performance and mobile-friendly interfaces for chip-to-chip communication such as USB3.0 SSIC and Mobile PCI Express.

These interfaces address the growing needs in higher data throughput transmitted between devices and allow the re-use of existing infrastructure while delivering mobile-friendly solution.

It’ll be good to see you, share ideas about your next design needs and discuss alternative paths.

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