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Design for Phablets

I spent last week at Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona, where Synopsys also demonstrated our D-PHY, CSI-2 and DSI protocols running in hardware and connecting to Agilent test equipment and UNH conformance test suite.

I also gave a short presentation discussing the challenges designers face when designing SoC’s for use in mobile electronics such as media phones, smartphones, tablets and ultrabooks, or maye as a portmanteau Phablet.
The presentation covered the interfaces commonly found in Phablet SoC’s (I’m starting to like this portmanteau…) and the convergence I believe is driven by the common use cases as well as design and manufacturing costs that have to be amortized across many applications.
In addition to cable connection like USB, HDMI or MHL, the SoC supports a variety of interfaces ‘in-the-box’ such as embedded displays, image sensors, storage, and chip-to-chip connectivity to wireless ICs, Baseband or RFICs.

Synopsys’ efforts in delivering IP for Phablets include providing future proof and silicon proven IP and also working with device vendors to achieve interoperability which is very important for new standard adoption.
A good example of interface convergence is the use of M-PHY and the unique position Synopsys has in delivering silicon proven HS-Gear3 M-PHY for customers who wish to adopt a variety of M-PHY based protocols like JEDEC UFS, MIPI UniPro/CSI-3, USB3.0 SSIC and M-PCIe. This implementation allows most flexibility in achieving lowest total power, supporting latest progression of protocols, and promotes IP re-use.

Stay tuned for more news next week.

[this post was edited on March 12, 2013]

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