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JEDEC UFS v1.1 in Silicon

Toshiba’s launch of the Industry’s First Embedded NAND Flash memory module compliant with JEDEC UFS v1.1 marks an impressive milestone for the mobile storage market space.

This memory is capable of driving 2.9Gbps compliant with M-PHY Gear2 Rate B and these samples are intended for evaluation by SoC and OS vendors. JEDEC UFS v1.1 is based on MIPI UniPro and MIPI M-PHY and implements functions compatible with eMMC v4.51 but include protocol improvements such as usage of SCSI Command set, Command queueing, Context ID and Data tagging which enable higher performance.

Synopsys is also first in UFS (and UniPro), back in October 2012 we have demonstrated interoperability between our UFS Host solution in Hardware connecting to (yes, you guessed right) Toshiba UFS device hardware implementation. Both solutions are compliant to UFS v1.1. See video here:

Being first to market can’t be a bad thing. The “first mover advantage” is actually a key parameter that determines the business success in the long run. Assuming JEDEC UFS standard becomes popular, the next inflection point in the market where other Storage vendors could catch up is when JEDEC UFS v2.0 is introduced. This is why we are an integral part of the JEDEC UFS work group, MIPI UniPro work group and MIPI PHY workgroup and sub-groups where important decisions about the specification take place.

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