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When (wireless) technology meets demand

Back in the early 21st century when Internet was deploying rapidly there was a continuous and exponential growth in internet bandwidth user requirements. Nowadays internet speeds of 5Mb to 50Mb or even more are common residential speeds used and although demand for higher speed continues to grow the change is not exponential as it was 10 years ago. It seems that what happened with internet speeds for the home (and business) is happening for the mobile internet. For ‘smart’ devices that have more than voice and texting capabilities 2G speeds are simply inadequate and 3G speeds seems to provide a somewhat of slow connection for content consumption. Consumers are used to business environment or WiFi speeds and expect to receive similar performance from their cellular carrier when WiFi is not available in their surroundings. I believe it is a common belief that Mobile internet will follow WiFi bandwidth trends although will continue to lag and will proceed advancing more rapidly until it reaches a reasonable bandwidth range. Therefore 3G speeds most of us use with their smartphones (including me) will not stay here for long especially with the introduction of LTE-capable phones and networks around the world.

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