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CSI-2 and DSI Hardware demo at Mobile Expo 2012

We participated at Mobile Expo as part of the MIPI alliance booth and had hardware demonstration showing our complete and interoperable CSI-2 and DSI host interfaces.

Here’s a block diagram of the demo which shows a complete CSI-2 images sensor interface and DSI display interface that Application processors can use to quickly integrate and prototype this solution in their design.

The block diagram shows a complete CSI-2 interface (comprising of D-PHY optimized for CSI-2 host application and CSI-2 host controller) connecting to a microcontroller that extracts the image and places it in package for trasmission through the DSI interface (comprising of DPHY and DSI host controller).

We continue investing in building complete and interoperable solutions to help semiconductor designers adopt new standards while lowering design risk and meeting time to market challenges. I will share more information about other standards in the coming weeks. Please stay tuned.

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