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Infectious Mobile Trends

We are surrounded by electronics that make ourselves accessible all the time. It can be at work, while driving, at night while watching a movie or having fun with family, or at a social event. The mobile device is used for socializing using several tools including instant messaging, social network, voice call or video call.
With cameras used widely in mobile electronics and the availability of broadband wireless communication it’s easy to make video calls from the device. The thing with mobile is that it tends to ‘infect’ other electronics around it… we now have home electronics such as TVs, Gaming and Set-top-boxes that incorporate cameras, wireless connectivity and app’s which allow to make video calls. All of these originated from the PC/laptop and accelerated with mobile usage that got people hooked.

Video calling is a good example as it was always hyped as the next big thing for phones but got into mainstream when it transitioned from PC to popular mobile electronics we carry and now to other consumer electronics allowing it to be used as Anywhere to Anywhere video call. It is the use in mobile that created a fun and available experience which can be used in daily life and not just when you’re in front of the computer.

Here’s a cool demonstration of a “Video phone of the future”, (courtesy History.com). The video phone booth (or should I say room) uses 10” screen and costs about $5000. Not to talk about its mobility of course and maybe that’s why it didn’t see much adoption…

There are already webcam modules, set top boxes and now Smart TV’s with integrated webcam capability allowing to make video calls.
Here’s an example: Nyxio Viosphere Smart TV to place video or regular calls with embedded webcam (time 2:40 talks about embedded camera and video calling).

Video calling is one example of a use case stimulated by mobile electronics usage and entered our daily life .
One could say these trends invade the living room and there is no place to hide from this mobile revolution and you lose privacy. Looking at the positive side you need to make sure you are dressed properly and looking good all the time even when you watch TV at the comfort of your home and you are prepared for the active living room experience.

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