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Era of Smart Mobility

A recent study by Generator Research indicates that the growth of smartphone users outpaces other mobile devices, see graph below. You can see that # of active SIMs continues to grow however smartphone users (out of the Active SIMs) is growing in approx. 4 to 1 ratio.

Note: I extrapolated the numbers based on 2011 and 2015 forecast assuming linear growth.

Another interesting point made in that report was the # of smartphone units shipped vs notebook PCs.
As can be seen smartphone units grow in approx 2 : 1 ratio compared to notebook PCs.

Note: I extrapolated the numbers based on 2011 and 2015 forecast assuming linear growth.

We can’t ignore Apple’s iPhone contribution to these trends as innovation in User Interface and attractiveness of the device helped make this technology transition.
In Jan 2007 the iPhone was introduced to the world and in a remarkably orchestrated presentation, Apple’ Steve Jobs demonstrated the benefits and leap in technology innovation.

This presentation is a master piece in building tension and slamming the audience with key points, here’s an article that analyzed what Mr. Jobs did right (everything?). Thank you Steve Jobs.

Since then we have seen many smartphones and now tablets and the iPhone is not the only device in town contributing to innovation but it’s set an important milestone that will be remembered in this Era of Smart Mobility where PCs are on the decline and mobile devices on the rise.

Interesting point, I was looking at the MIPI alliance members list and saw Apple’s name on the members directory list as an MIPI alliance adopter along with many other handset manufacturers and key SoC and baseband developers.
I thought I should mention that in case your company is not on the list and encourage you to consider becoming one.

Synopsys is there too being a contributor since 2006, in case you were asking. And I plan to be on the upcoming MIPI alliance face-to-face meeting next week in Vancouver. If you are reading my blog and plan to participate in the meeting next week, see you there!

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