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A MIPI® Alliance celebration

As you may know the MIPI® Alliance March 2011 meeting was held in Osaka Japan with record number of 212 registrations (and almost 100% attendance) which is an increase of more that 26% from previous meeting.

There were meetings of many working groups (WG) such as PHY WG, Display WG, Camera WG, DigRF WG and Unipro WG just to name a few and a lot of progress was made to develop new specifications, enhance features to meet mobile electronics demand and promote the MIPI alliance visibility.

What was new this time? Well, there were member-to-member papers given by leading vendors which explained how to implement specifications or overcome challenges commonly found in mobile electronics. There were several providers of a variety of MIPI-enabled products (CSI2, DSI, D-PHY, M-PHY, and DigRF) that demonstrated their product capabilities as you can see in the image collage I compiled here.

The MIPI alliance is gaining momentum in specification adoption and the members’ pool is growing rapidly with more than 200 member companies and over 5000 active participants as of November 2010. Read more about MIPI Alliance Membership Momentum and Strong Projected Market Deployment of Specifications: http://mipi.org/content/mipi-alliance-gains-membership-momentum-strong-projected-market-deployment-specifications.

The next MIPI Alliance meeting is scheduled to June this year and expected to be held in Copenhagen. If your company is not a member and plays (or wants to play) in the mobile electronics market then I suggest that you consider becoming a member.

It’s a MIPI Alliance celebration after all and you don’t want to miss it.

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MIPI® Alliance is a registered trademark of MIPI Alliance, Inc.

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