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It’s raining tablets

The optimism about the economy is starting to spread and record breaking overseas visitors at CES could be an indicator of a healthier future, some more details here 2011 International CES Wows World With Innovation And Optimism.

In the past weeks, there were many announcements of new tablets that are (or will be) introduced in early 2011. Some of the tablets which will be competing on this new and growing category include the Blackberry Playbook, Motorola Xoom, Galaxy Tab, LG G Slate, Panasonic Viera, Motion CL900, Cisco Cius, Toshiba’s tablet (name not mentioned), Dell Streak, Lenovo’s LePad, Asus Eee Slate.

The credit (and profit) for being first to market goes to Apple. While competitors introduce their first version of tablet, Apple is working on iPad2 and establishing strong presence in this category as indicated also by a recent report by IDC Projecting Nearly 17 Million Media Tablets Shipped Worldwide in 2010.

What does it mean for the future of tables, netbooks, laptops? Differentiation will be key in creating an experience that attracts consumers. Technical specs such as performance, display size, availability of applications, operating system, ease of use, and enterprise-friendly features will be some of the factors tablets will be examined per their price tag. Soon we’ll see computing systems (laptops, tablets, smartphones) targeting specific market segments and consumer tastes. This means that the hardware platform needs to be flexible enough to offer added features very easily and quickly which will drive standardization (MIPI-based interfaces) to allow to introduce a portfolio of products using modular platform approach.

At CES, there was a strong presence and large numbers of next generation smartphones and tablets all capable of supporting “4G” LTE / WiMax air transmission. The story is not only the hardware but also support by service provides such as Sprint and Verizon and new use models enabled by these services.

4G communication enables new use models and improved user experience such as telepresence and gaming. Here’s an example from Alcatel-Lucent (and partners), utilizing the 4G network to enable new retail service concepts such as an interactive beauty kiosk, virtual personal stylist and virtual Concierge with 4G connectivity enabling broadband connectivity in any location with a power outlet.

Above is a picture of the Virtual Concierge allowing 2-way video call for travelers (picture courtesy of mediatile.com) using 4G network.

And here’s a nice video (courtesy of ng connect program) showing the virtual personal stylist and kiosk:

4G network could enable new and exciting use models which will drive adoption and usage of 4G-powered mobile electronics.
Please share your thoughts and new use cases for 4G mobile network usage. It’ll be great to hear from you about this topic.

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