On The Move


Welcome & Opening comments

Hi all, I’m starting a blog about mobile electronics trends and views as related to MIPI or mobile IP in the semiconductor space. You might be wondering why we need a blog about this topic…

Well, aside from the mobile market being the hottest market out there where all innovations happen then probably nothing… I believe that in 10 years time we’ll look back on the past decade and realize the revolution the electronics industry has gone through, probably in a similar scale to the personal computing evolution if not more.

Yes, the mobile electronics is a hot market, and it’s very challenging to compete and to predict how things will shape up.  The needs of feature advancements, consumer tastes, fashion trends are faced with the technological challenges of achieving performance, cost, low power, size, time-to-market requirements.

The mobile market has become the forefront of technologies and eco-systems around OS, applications, use-models, internet, multimedia and connectivity. The system level chip-to-chip connectivity will fuel growth and accommodate consumer needs, and that’s what I’ll be covering in this blog hopefully in an interesting way.

Let me know if you have comments or topics you would like covered, I appreciate your feedback (leave a message using Reply below).

OK, had to pick a name for the blog. I was looking at everything around mobile and checked Merriam-Webster thesaurus, here’s what I found:



 1          capable of being moved especially with ease <a mobile electric generator>


Hmmm… a mobile electric generator wasn’t something I had in mind but heck, cars might be considered mobile too and have (sometime) shared requirements for power, size and wiring constraints.

Mobile electric generator example

Then I started to look for ‘green’ mobile generators and found this nice video by ‘Team Empower’ that built a mobile, pedal-power generator that can charge your cellphone and other (mobile) electronics. It’s a really cool way to exercise, be on the move and charge your device.

“On the move” will be it then.

Here’s the video:

Mobile pedal-power generator by Team Empower

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