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Library Modelling for Isolation Cells

I Forgot to add the syntax of Modelling Isolation cells. Thanks Sampath for reminding me on this. Here is one way to model ISOLATION cells cell (isolation_cell) { cell_leakage_power : 2.382 ; pg_pin(VSS) { voltage_name : VSS; pg_type : primary_ground; } pg_pin(VDD) { voltage_name : VDD; pg_type : primary_power; } pin(data_in) { direction : input; […]

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How to model Special Cells in libraries?

I have been post-poning explaining about the library requirements for quite sometime. Today let me explain little bit on library modelling of special cells such as (1) Level Shifter (2) Isolation Cell (3) Retention flop (4) Always On Cell (5) Switch Most important information to note here is, these special cells may have multiple power […]

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Modelling of Library cells for Multi-Voltage

Guys, I really apologise for not updating my blog more frequently. Next 2 weeks I will be away on a business trip, will try to post atleast a couple of times. Today let’s look at the modelling of logical library cells specifically for MV. Accurate modelling of libraries is one of the crucial requirement for […]

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