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Low Power Static Checks

There seem to be some confusion about types of checks that need to be performed on a Low Power Design. In the Low Power static check world, following 3 types of analysis can be done on a design, in addition to various other checks.

(a) Critique Check

    Power State Table is Golden here and design structure is validated for correctness based on this table. For example “ Compare the ISO/LS elements present in the design with the ISO/
LS requirement inferred by analyzing the PST”

(b) Power Intent Check

Design is validated as per the Power Intent provided by user, here Power State Is ignored and mostly user written rules/policies are considered while checking, design structure is validated against user written policies  for correctness.

(c) Low Power Architecture Checks

Here design is analyzed for any architectural failures with respect to the requirement specified in the power intent. For example: Checking Power Up and Power Down Sequences of various power domains, checking for reachability of control and clock paths to the design.