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Resolving Multiple Drivers for Supply Nets in UPF

Quite often I am seeing, different switch cells are used in parallel(controlled turn-on) to shut-down power to a block. If someone need to write an UPF, it would  look something like this   create_power_switch gprs_sw_0   -domain GPRs/GPRS   -input_supply_port {in GPRs/VDDG}   -output_supply_port {out GPRs/VDDGS}   -control_port {gprs_sd PwrCtrl/gprs_sd}   -on_state {sw_0_on_state in {!gprs_sd}} […]

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Working on Hierarchical UPF flow

Working on hierarchical UPF flows these days, its quite interesting to observe how tools optimize PST hierarchically and also on how to constrain/write UPF for lower level blocks.     There are quite a few challenges in terms of UPF with respect to   (a) Location of special cells such as LS/ISO/ELS…etc (b) Depending on […]

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