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Physical Structure of Special Cells

Today let me give a quick insight into various special cells and their physical structure (a) Level Shifters: In general there are 3 types of Level Shifter. (i) High2Low LS: Shifts the Voltage from High 2 Low. Physically these are single row height cells and have 2 rails VDD and VSS. Conceptually they are nothing […]

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Writing UPF for a DVFS design

Often times I get questions on how to write an UPF describing the varying nature of Voltage in a DVFS design. I will try to explain how this can be done at a very higher level. If any one of you have any specific question please let me know so that I can elaborate on […]

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UPF Synthesis Script

Hello all, My apologies for being inactive for last 4 weeks, I was bit busy. As per many request, here is a sample synthesis script for UPF flow…… Please note that, some of the commands used here may not be very specific to UPF, but good to have for better power optimization(for example reading vectors) […]

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