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Managing IR Drop Continued

I apologize for not writing as often as I would like, Was quite busy with multiple design flow related activities. Bear with my busy schedule for the next few weeks.

Important points to consider when determining your methodology for power rail analysis include:

(a) Use static IR analysis to generate robust power rails.
(b) Use dynamic IR analysis to optimize the insertion of de-coupling capacitance.
(c) Use static IR analysis to optimize power switch sizes to minimize IR drop.
(d) Use dynamic IR power-up analysis to optimize power switch sizes to control power-up ramp time.
(e) Use both static and dynamic analysis early and late in the design flow.
(f) Establish IR drop limits based on understanding how IR drop can affect timing.
(g) Try to optimize for decoupling capacitors early in the flow, since this requires major change in the design infrastructure

Here is a link to one good paper discussing about Sleep Transistor Sizing

Sleep Transistor Sizing