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Managing IR Drop Continued

I apologize for not writing as often as I would like, Was quite busy with multiple design flow related activities. Bear with my busy schedule for the next few weeks. Important points to consider when determining your methodology for power rail analysis include: (a) Use static IR analysis to generate robust power rails.(b) Use dynamic […]

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Managing IR Drop Issues in General

Most common issue faced in any Low Power Design is how can we minimize noise coupling between different rails and between cells in the same power domain. I am planning on discussing these in my next 2 posts. Power and Ground Noise can degrade timing and can lead to functional failures. Most commonly used method […]

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DVFS Impacts Timing Closure

I was in discussion with a designer other day on “Impact on performance of the design if the voltage range is not choosen correctly”, today I am going elaborate a bit on this topic. While designing the system with DVFS techniques, we need to look at the impact of temperature inversion on the performance of […]

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Library Modelling for Isolation Cells

I Forgot to add the syntax of Modelling Isolation cells. Thanks Sampath for reminding me on this. Here is one way to model ISOLATION cells cell (isolation_cell) { cell_leakage_power : 2.382 ; pg_pin(VSS) { voltage_name : VSS; pg_type : primary_ground; } pg_pin(VDD) { voltage_name : VDD; pg_type : primary_power; } pin(data_in) { direction : input; […]

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