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Let’s Talk about Multi-Voltage Magic

Last week at SNUG, there were so many tutorials on Low Power and everyone’s concerns/questions seems to be dancing around Multi-Voltage design. What I could sense was there were lot of designers Implementing Multi-Supply(Power-Gating) as opposed to real Multi-Voltage design. There are 3 classics style of new design style i found

(1) Multi-Supply(Power Gating)
(2) Static Multi-Voltage
(3) Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling

Lets us discuss about the Magic of Multi-Voltage design in coming few weeks. Like any other design implementation, MV design has its own challenges and much more difficult to sign-off.

I would like to classify the different stages of the design into small segments so that we can discuss one by one within next few weeks.

  • Design Infrastructure
  • Architectural level consideration
  • Microarchitecture
  • RTL Design
  • RTL functional verification
  • Implementation
  • Functional Sign-Off
  • Silicon Signoff
  • Resources For Help

Next week is going to be a in-depth technical week i guess!