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Low Power Galore at SNUG Sanjose

There are many papers presented at SNUG discussing about Low Power. Here is a link, which shows all the low power papers

 (1) Power Integrity of the Design
 (2) Exploration of Multi-Voltage Design
  (3) Clock gating Success
  (4) Decoupling Capacitance Estimation 
 (5) Low Power and High Performance
  (6) Power Grid Analysis for IR Drop Problems
  (7) Testability and Low Power
  (8) Power Analysis

To find out more on what various designers has to say about Low Power, attended R&D night at SNUG and the buzz word was MultiVoltage/Power Gating.

What’s the impact of these design styles on

  • Implementation
  • Sign-off
  • Verification
  • Any suggestions on covering these topics will be highly appreciated.