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Low Power Techniques in use Today

Lets take a look at various low power techniques in use today.I would classify the various low power techniques into 2 categories

(a)Structural Techniques

  • Voltage Islands
  • Multi-threshold devices
  • Multi-oxide devices
  • Minimize capacitance by custom design
  • Power efficient circuits
  • Parallelism in micro-architecture
  • (b)Traditional Techniques

  • Clock gating
  • Power gating
  • Variable frequency
  • Variable voltage supply
  • Variable device threshold
  • Which one of the above techniques are aimed at reducing Dynamic Power and Leakage Power

    Dynamic Power Reduction

  • Clock Gating
  • Power efficient circuits
  • Variable frequency
  • Variable voltage supply
  • Leakage Power Reduction

  • Minimize usage of Low Vt Cells
  • Power Gating
  • Back Biasing
  • Reducing Dynamic Power
  • Reduce Oxide Thickness
  • Use FINFET’s