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I’m too lazy to read…show me a video

I can’t remember when I last opened a technical manual or document to looked up how to do something. Maybe it was when I bought a 56K modem in 1999 to connect to the World Wide Web.

I never liked the slow process of looking for something specific in a lengthy document and randomly flipping through different sections. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so then a video is worth a million.

Nowadays, at the first sight of technical trouble, I go to YouTube or do a Google video search. Indeed, I had to replace a kitchen sink a few weeks ago and looked at a few example videos (5 to 10 mins) and then I did it like a pro! (Note: for those who know me, I’m far from a “handy” guy.)

So, it is with great pleasure that we have applied the same concept of learning through videos and by example, to VC Formal. We have released a series of training videos and webinars on a wide range of topics. We have an assortment of short (5-10 minute) and long (45-60 minute) videos to guide users through basic features of the tool, App specific features, and in-depth formal verification methodology.

Whether you are new to formal verification or a seasoned “black belt”, there is plenty of content to make you more efficient and sharpen your skills. I highly recommend you bookmark this page and visit it often as new content is being added.


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