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DVCon 2018 Tutorial – The Magic of Formal Revealed

We have all witnessed many magic tricks that seem to perform the impossible. How did he guess my number? Where did that rabbit come from? How did she survive getting sawed in two? Without knowing the tricks of the trade, it is very hard for you and I to reproduce such magic.

The same holds true in Formal verification. To an untrained eye, what Formal verification specialists do may seem impossible. How did he prove that this block has no bugs? How did he root-cause the silicon bug with Formal? How did he verify a system using Formal?

Formal verification specialists are akin to magicians. They have amassed the domain knowledge (i.e. the trade secrets) and mastered the skills that allow them to do much more with Formal verification tools than the average verification engineer.



The domain knowledge and special tricks of the trade appear to be protected like magic secrets. It is hard to find talks, tutorials, papers and books that really explain how Formal specialists do what they do; until now.

At this year’s DVCon, we have organized a Formal verification tutorial unlike any other, where secrets will be revealed. We have gathered some of the industry’s leading authorities, who have tons of experience and success in deploying Formal techniques. They know how to achieve results where others cannot, how to tackle larger blocks, give proofs and confidence where others struggle and more. In other words, they push the boundary of what can be achieved with Formal verification.

Our Formal magicians, Shaun Feng from Samsung, Syed Suhaib from nVidia, Mandar Munishwar from Qualcomm and Iain Singleton from Synopsys, will disclose some of their best kept Formal verification secrets.

The details of the tutorial are here: Formal Verification – Breaking Through the Knowledge Barrier

We hope you can join us on Thursday, March 1st at DVCon Silicon Valley. Register today.


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