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Deep or Broad : Let’s settle this once and for all!

Have you ever witnessed two passionate industry experts debate fundamental approaches of verification? They bring their decades of experience, hundreds of bugs uncovered, and countless successes and failures in order to establish intellectual dominance. Unfortunately, for most of us, the observers, these debates are usually prematurely interrupted by a reality check: a pointy-haired manager who urges them to “take it offline” or we all get “kicked out” of a conference room.

Thus the conclusion of the debate remains elusive.

This year at DVCon we plan to tackle Formal verification, one of the fundamental verification questions, and settle it for good. We’ve invited some of the world’s most experienced and passionate Formal verification experts and managers to provide their views on a decade old question:

Where is the highest return on investment (ROI) for Formal verification: Is it by going deep or broad with the deployment of Formal verification applications.

The deep school of thought tends to believe that Formal verification is best utilized by dedicated Formal experts (or black belts) where their focus and refined skillset allows them to find deep, complex and critical bugs that other verification techniques fail to find.

The broad school of thought tends to follow the philosophy that the true value and impact of Formal verification is unleashed when the masses of designers and verification engineers can apply it without the need for a dedicated specialist.Our panel of experts is composed of:

  • Erik Seligman, Intel
  • Shaun Feng, Samsung
  • Ashish Darbari, Axiomise Ltd.
  • Mandar Munishwar, Qualcomm

Make sure to join us at our co-located event at DVCon: Conquering Formal Verification: Go Deep or Go Broad? There will be food, drinks, a puzzle and prizes, and of course a feverish and intellectually stimulating debate.

See you there!

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