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SNUG Silicon Valley 2019: Formal Verification Update

Like last year, we had number of papers presented at our annual SNUG event last month. We had a track dedicated to formal verification, which had 3 papers from customers and 1 tutorial from Synopsys. In a parallel track on AI/ML, we had an additional tutorial from Synopsys where we discussed how formal is best suited to make use of machine learning techniques.

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Deep or Broad : Let’s settle this once and for all!

Have you ever witnessed two passionate industry experts debate fundamental approaches of verification? They bring their decades of experience, hundreds of bugs uncovered, and countless successes and failures in order to establish intellectual dominance. Unfortunately, for most of us, the observers, these debates are usually prematurely interrupted by a reality check: a pointy-haired manager who urges them to “take it offline” or we all get “kicked out” of a conference room.

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