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At the Driving Edge of Technology

It was a beautiful sunny day and traffic on the M40 was light making it a wonderful drive to the Wirral. My wife was browsing on Spotify, I was busy changing lanes and a call comes through. As my wife took the call, the display on my car flickered and then froze! I soon realised that every electrical system except the accelerator and the brakes had failed. At 70 mph on the motorway a cold sweat of fear and panic gripped me as I changed lanes cautiously and nursed the car another ten miles to the nearest service station. True story! Thankfully nothing untoward happened in the end. The car returned to normal after we did a “reboot” of the car’s operating system.

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Deep or Broad : Let’s settle this once and for all!

Have you ever witnessed two passionate industry experts debate fundamental approaches of verification? They bring their decades of experience, hundreds of bugs uncovered, and countless successes and failures in order to establish intellectual dominance. Unfortunately, for most of us, the observers, these debates are usually prematurely interrupted by a reality check: a pointy-haired manager who urges them to “take it offline” or we all get “kicked out” of a conference room.

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