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Introduction to Formal Verification


Artificial Intelligence, let us get the math right first!

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic these days and therefore doesn’t require a repeat of the current and future potential uses for AI. For most people it means technology advancements on the software side but If you ask people who are very close to this technology domain, building your own optimized hardware chips is where […]

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Corner case bugs – Formal got you covered

Imagine the scene. It’s Friday night, and you’ve decided to relax and watch a movie. Given the overwhelming amount of choices, you’ve already spent over an hour watching trailers to choose the movie and you’re finally almost ready to go. All that’s left is the popcorn. You go over to the microwave and get it […]

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DVCon 2018 Tutorial – The Magic of Formal Revealed

We have all witnessed many magic tricks that seem to perform the impossible. How did he guess my number? Where did that rabbit come from? How did she survive getting sawed in two? Without knowing the tricks of the trade, it is very hard for you and I to reproduce such magic. The same holds […]

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Welcome to InFormal Chat

We are very excited to launch a series of fun blogs from our distinguished team of formal verification experts. These blogs will share exciting and insightful information about the latest advancements and practical applications for formal property verification solutions used by the design and verification community. Stay tuned to the exciting blogs for more information […]

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