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Formalizing the Virus Exposure Problem

As much of world is practicing “social distancing” or some version of it, I would venture to guess that many are getting “cabin fever” from the extended isolation. For me this condition has led to a blurred line between work and home and more interestingly news coverage and formal applications.

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I’m too lazy to read…show me a video

I can’t remember when I last opened a technical manual or document to looked up how to do something. Maybe it was when I bought a 56K modem in 1999 to connect to the World Wide Web.

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You don’t have to take my word for it: Machine Learning has a place in Formal Verification

Just over a year ago I wrote a blog about the impact of machine learning (ML) algorithms to boost Formal Verification performance . The data for that blog was firsthand experience on a set of complex benchmarks. The data was amazing and quite convincing, but when I wrote that blog the reader needed to “trust” me as the data could not be shared publicly.

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Deep or Broad : Let’s settle this once and for all!

Have you ever witnessed two passionate industry experts debate fundamental approaches of verification? They bring their decades of experience, hundreds of bugs uncovered, and countless successes and failures in order to establish intellectual dominance. Unfortunately, for most of us, the observers, these debates are usually prematurely interrupted by a reality check: a pointy-haired manager who urges them to “take it offline” or we all get “kicked out” of a conference room.

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The organic growth of Formal verification

I recently returned from a very exciting Asia trip where I took the opportunity to visit some of our customers. While I made the mistake of combining too many cities in too few days and had to deal with a stubborn Typhoon that did not respect my aggressive travel plan; I noticed a significant change in customers’ behavior over previous trips.

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Human Learning about Machine Learning in EDA

Needless to say that Machine Learning is a very hot topic nowadays. From the software giants such as Google and Facebook, to hot companies like Snap, Waze and Uber, to traditional businesses such as IBM, ExxonMobil and Toyota to name a few, it seems like all companies need to be talking about Machine Learning. I would not be surprised if every company in the S&P 100 has a list of active Machine Learning projects…or so they say.

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