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Ravindra Aneja is a Senior Staff Program Manager at Synopsys, responsible for formal verification solutions. He has 24 years of experience in functional verification domain which includes simulation, hardware acceleration, emulation, assertion based formal verification and clock domain crossing verification. Prior to Synopsys, he held technical marketing and application engineering positions at Atrenta, Mentor Graphics, 0-In Design Automation and IKOS Systems.

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SNUG Silicon Valley 2019: Formal Verification Update

Like last year, we had number of papers presented at our annual SNUG event last month. We had a track dedicated to formal verification, which had 3 papers from customers and 1 tutorial from Synopsys. In a parallel track on AI/ML, we had an additional tutorial from Synopsys where we discussed how formal is best suited to make use of machine learning techniques.

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Artificial Intelligence, let us get the math right first!

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic these days and therefore doesn’t require a repeat of the current and future potential uses for AI. For most people it means technology advancements on the software side but If you ask people who are very close to this technology domain, building your own optimized hardware chips is where significant part of the competitive edge lies.

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Formal Verification Showcase – DVCon 2018 and SNUG Silicon Valley 2018

It should not be news to the readers that Formal verification is an integral part of verification flows for the majority of leading edge SoC design and IP companies. A good indicator for this is the amount of papers, posters and tutorials presented at recent industry events/conferences in Silicon Valley.

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Tearless Formal Verification

Cooking can be a necessity, hobby or calming therapy depending on whom you talk to. Personally speaking, I cook occasionally but even when I am not cooking and I am just a mere silent admirer of this amazing process, onion peeling/cutting/chopping brings tears to my eyes 😀 There are few tricks that one could use to avoid or minimize tears while peeling onions. Some of these tricks work, some don’t.

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Formal Verification: Effort and benefits go hand in hand

Sean talked about it in his blog Progression in formal verification – last decade.., Formal verification has come a long way but in most of the first meeting with potential new customers, these are still the most commonly asked questions:

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