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Prototyping Building Blocks

Lego has existed for 85 years. The company was founded August 10, 1932, and after all these years, the concept of building structures big and small still hasn’t lost any of its charm. For my children, now 10 and 12, it is probably the most played with toy throughout their childhood. As with any new […]

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When A Lot May Not Be Enough

For the last couple of months my son has been trying to save for a Nintendo Switch. The emphasis here is on “trying to.” The problem is that whenever he amasses enough money to buy something else, he tends to spend the money on a cheaper toy like a new Lego Dimensions figure. I guess […]

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Learn From The Experts

I visited SNUG Silicon Valley last week. This annual Synopsys User Group event at the Santa Clara Convention Center is always a good way to get in touch with the end users of various EDA products. I attended the technical track with experts from ARM, NVIDIA, Intel and Synopsys, who talked about their experience in […]

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Team Work

While I am not much of a golf player, I participated in a golf tournament over the summer. It was a very friendly setup with teams of four playing against each other. Each player of the team hits his ball, and the ball that lands in the best position determines the starting point for every […]

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Accelerate Software Bring-up For ARMv8-A Based Designs

With the ever increasing amount of software that has to be developed during a project, it is important to start the software development task as quickly as possible. Semiconductor companies and electronics system houses have been relying on physical prototyping to shift left the time at which they can start bringing up software. And they […]

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Winning Customer Loyalty

On the day that the Tesla Model 3 was announced, we (and by we I mean my wife, who graciously dedicated her time) stood in line to order a car we had never seen. That is quite the sign of trust in a car company. Buying a car is the second biggest cost behind buying […]

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Prototyping Server Farms

Coming from the virtual prototyping world, I envisioned FPGA-based prototyping as mostly a one on one application, meaning that the system resides with the end user or at least in a room close to the end user. However, it turns out that a lot of companies have moved towards a physical prototyping server farm setup. […]

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Hitting the Mark

Some of you may be familiar with my blog posts on “A View from the Top: A Virtual Prototyping Blog”. Those blog posts covered virtual prototyping. As of beginning of this year, I have however shifted my responsibilities to FPGA-based prototyping or physical prototyping. So I felt that it would make sense to pass on […]

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Prototype Like A Pro

Best practices in FPGA-based prototyping from experts at NVIDIA, Intel, Synopsys, SanDisk and Cisco. FPGA-based prototyping has been a key prototyping technique for many years. The steady increase in software content and thus the need to verify and validate the SoC in context of the software has resulted in an equally steady increase in its […]

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